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Camp 613 is a fun filled day camp located in Monsey, NY. All of our divisions participate in an array of wonderful activities. They swim in our Olympic size pool, ice skate, play many sports including tennis, go rock climbing, listen to shiur and create beautiful arts and crafts projects. Activities are both inside our state of the art facility and outside in our outdoor lot area.  Dress up days span across all three camps and special programming is given to all.  Chesed programming is established throughout all three divisions.


Our youngest campers range from entering nursery to entering kindergarten. The staff ratio is 4:1 as the campers experience a full day camp experience.They have davening, circle time, art projects and free play in the designated pre Pre-School area. Pre-Schoolers swim in the Olympic size pool and ice skate weekly.  Zumba, gymnastics, ga-ga and other sports, waterslides and music are also part of the program.

Girls Younger Division

Entering Grades 1-5

As part of the Girls Division, these campers will participate in all of the available activities to everyone plus focus on areas specific to them.  Weekly theme programming is geared to young girls as they celebrate the theme with art, activities and fun foods! Culinary sessions are offered to this division. Ice skating lessons are given weekly to all campers. Dance parties and cheers are a huge part of the day.  This division plays basketball, kickball, tennis, ga-ga, and many other sports as well as go to the off-campus field once a week. Ballet, gymnastics, zumba and musical theater are part of every week culminating in the camp production at the end of the summer. Every camper is a star!

Girls Older Division

Entering Grades 6-8

Our oldest Girl campers will experience a level of activities like no other.  Theme programming and dress up days will be designed especially for the middle school girl.  Culinary arts is brought to the next level with innovative new non-bake recipes! Ice hockey is available as an option to this division as well as the ice skating lessons offered to the whole Girls Division.  Personal training session are given to help girls learn about exercise and nutrition in a fun camp environment.  This division plays basketball, kickball, tennis, ga-ga, volleyball and many other sports as well as go to the off-campus field once a week.  Campers have choreography lessons to create their own dances and learn high level gymnastics and musical theater show numbers.  This Division is a big part of the end of the summer production!

Boys Younger Division

Entering Grades 1-5

As the younger division of our boys camp, campers are involved in sports for a large part of the day. They rotate between basketball, soccer, baseball, ga-ga and other sports. Boys Division campers go to the off-site field twice a week and play larger games of sports as well as full camp games such as capture the flag, treasure hunts and olympics.  All campers have arts and crafts as well as culinary arts, making fun foods!

Boys Older Division

Entering Grades 6-8

The boys older division takes sports to a whole new level as they hone their skills and compete in sports such as basketball, baseball, football and volleyball.  This division also busses twice a week to play sports on  full size soccer and baseball fields. The Boys Older Division participates twice a week in ice hockey practice and game scrimmages at our on site ice rink. This division enjoys daily learning sessions focusing on the study of  Gemorah and halacha. Additional activities include music instruction (beatboxing, vocal lessons, and instrumental) fitness training and culinary arts.

CIT Program (this is a staff position)

Entering 9th Grade

Our Counselors In Training will learn important leadership skills as they prepare for their roles as junior counselors the following year.  Training will include camper safety, being a positive role model, succeeding in a work environment and understanding job responsibilities.  CITs will be assigned to a bunk, with whom they will remain with the entire day. CITs will help with communal camp responsibilities like lunch set up and ice skate handouts.  CITs will receive a monetary stipend and will be added to the tip list.